Friday, July 10, 2009

Putting people in their place

"Putting people in their place"no this isn't a how-to on telling your friends off but, more of a description of where my art has led me and my current inspiration. Although I don't consider myself a people person I do find the human condition fascinating and have lately been painting what I call my "people groups".Each painting tells a story or multiple stories and allows room for the viewer to join in on the process. The subject matter for my paintings range from rolling hills to the gritty city and have lately settled in on painting people in oils. Some early inspirations of mine were the works of Edward Hopper who painted humans in a kind of observed voyueristic way just in their everyday life basically doing mundane things but I found his paintings to be anything but mundane.People that aren't posed and aware in my opinion are at their most beautiful and allow their personality and body language to engage us and reveal countless mysteries.The above image is a a dry pastel painting on archival sanded pastel paper titled "Four seated figures" it is approx. 9x12.

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  1. Beautiful Paintings !!! I Love the way the paintings lure you in and let the imagination run. Most intriguing ! Wonderful pieces. So looking forward to seeing more.