Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Color of Hope

Well after a long winter and lots of snow (removed with bulldozer) came the first sunny days and milder weather. Feeling rejuvenated by the anticipation of what will come I painted this one. Loosely based on a spot in my yard and without concern for subtletey I took some artistic license and away I went. Oil on linen 6"x8".

Dreams Of Trees

This scene is an interpretation from a visit to Storm King mountain in winter.Storm King mountain rests along the Hudson river and can offer some beautiful views of the lower Hudson valley and of course the river itself. This particular day was overcast and my attention was drawn to the seemingly sleeping trees.Although it was cold and lifeless the woods stood strong with no sign of giving in.The woods knew they'd be back soon and they were sleeping.The hope of a bright new day can always be found in nature and I imagined the trees dreaming of new life, blooms and buds .During a harsh winter it's hard to imagine life will return but nature without fail or falter stands as a sentinel reminding me that life really does go on. Oil on panel 10"x12".